Kumiko Tanaka-Ishii's Group
We describe the universal nature of language through mathematical and/or computational models and create communication software that is both fun and useful.

Tanaka-Ishii Group moved to University of Tokyo from Kyushu University in April, 2016.
Research Domains
Computational Linguistics
Mathematical Linguistics
Natural Language Processing
Language Software
Information Retrieval
Media Analysis
Mathematical Modeling of
popIn established by Cheng Tao has become a wholly owned subsidiary of Baidu. (Jun, 2015)
Daniel Heffernan won the Dean's Award in 2013 for his master studies of Logue system. (Mar, 2013)
Daisuke Kimura and Kumiko Tanaka-Ishii received the Best Journal Paper Award 2011 of Journal of Natural Langauge Processing. (Mar, 2012)
"picoTrans: An Icon-driven User Interface for Machine Translation on Mobile Devices" received the Best Paper Award of IUI2011. (Feb, 2011)
The book "Signs and Reflexivity" won the Suntory Academic Award and Ohkawa Book Prize. (Mar, 2011)
Third reprint of "Saussure's Third lecture of General Linguistics (notes taken by Emile Constantin)" was published. (2009.6.12)
Published Books (2010.4)